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  1. diana Post author

    Sadly, Minnie, a relationship spread is not very accurate and would probably just make things more confused than they are right now for you. The Tarot is meant to be a personal guide to help you find your way … only you can change the past by learning from it. Perhaps if you looked at your situation from a different perspective you might find the answers you seek. Perhaps you might begin by looking at your past relationships and writing down what was good and compatible with enhanced your spirit and what you didn’t like, those things that disturbed your spirit. Then, take that knowledge, combine it together and see if you can begin to see what it is you actually need and want in a man? Once you are comfortable with yourself and your needs, it is not hard to know whether or not a man is meeting those needs. Give it a try. Diana

  2. Minnie C

    Would you be so king as to do a relationship spread on myself and potential partner, Stacey MacLeod. He seems like such a wonderful person, however, I have made bad choices in the past and am afraid of doing so again (I am seriously working on it!)… a little insight would be much appreciated!

    In Kindess,

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