Five of Pentacles (R)

Five of Pentacles (R)

Five of Pentacles (R) says you need to accept this Karmic lesson and understand your burdens.  Don’t give up – look for the new opportunities created by this “set – back”.  Recognize that “worry” takes you to the future or to the past and has you totally avoiding the present.  Stay in the present and handle things as they come up.  Don’t get pulled into the “what ifs” of tomorrow or the “if onlys” of yesterday.  You are experiencing a deep spiritual need – go deep within and seek “inner” council.  Your preoccupation with the past and the future has you totally avoiding the issues at hand.  When you have accustomed yourself to suffering – a collapse can release you.  Whether or not you can build something more positive from the collapse depends on yourself and the influence and opportunities around you.  When you find things difficult to understand – show more empathy and do not allow your sense of “pride” to stand in your way.  Remain positive and look ahead – your present situation is never permanent.

Not using the positive potential of a period of rest – too much movement when stillness is required.  Looking at physical losses instead of gains – this is an effect of mind on the Physical Plane – problems that derive from lack of movement.  When money doesn’t move the economy falters – personal finances suffer.  When you do not exercise your muscles atrophy.  If you don’t move the proper foods through your body, your health suffers.

Questions to Answer:

  1. What are your survival concerns?
  2. What changes are you having difficulty dealing with?
  3. What have you chosen to give up or do without? Why?
  4. What are you worried or anxious about?
  5. What conventions/traditions are you rebelling against?
  6. What inequalities or injustices are you trying to change?

Special Messages:

  • Four Swords in spread: A serious dispute, severance, or loss.
  • Next to Lovers: A relationship could end because of a misunderstanding that is causing unhappiness.
  • Next to Nine or Ten of Cups: Good Luck, inheritance or other monetary gain is indicated.

Special Messages based on card position:

In the first position: You may be asked to help many others with this path.

In the second position: Physical assets may not exist or be liquid enough if a project is the question.  Your needs may outreach your means.  Physically, you may not be up to the task of the moment.

In the third position: Improvement, increase in efficiency, progress must come from a shoring up of the existing situation.

In the fourth position: Being in virtual bondage as if owned is one far extreme here, it’s opposite is irresponsible, non – committal freedom.  Either present great difficulties.

In the fifth position: Perhaps you have decided in these matters, but not correctly.  Think through carefully your income and your expenses, i.e.  how/where it comes in and how/where it goes out.  A plan for bribery or extortion would show here.

In the sixth position: Here is the impact of the pause in your physical routine, of your new, if temporary, freedom in your emotional house.

In the seventh position: Because you are not confident that the physical/material tunnel you are in has a light at the end of it, you are hurting your ability to find that light.  But your inability to see the light is only because the tunnel has a curve in it.  You must move into and through the tunnel enough to pass the blind curve.

In the eighth position: One possibility is that hard lessons on your path have stopped you so that you can focus your attention and redirect your activities – these can include financial or health problems.  Another result of imbalance here is the lack of choice or freedom.  Another is the reverse, to be too free, unattached and out of the system altogether.  This complete freedom is total uncertainty, cut off from motivation and direction.  Surely you are not slacking off.

In the ninth position: On the one hand, this heart is indifferent to the problems of the physical plane.  On the other hand, you could be exacerbating the problem with overreaction and misplaced sentiment.

In the tenth position: At least one and maybe more of your most troublesome imbalances in this archetype will be righted for you.

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Five of Pentacles (R)

  1. diana Post author

    Pentacles represent the material world – money, job, home, ideology, etc. Archetype refers to the type of card that is represented, in this case the Pentacles. Diana

  2. Bhadro

    The five of pentacles in the tenth position – when you say ‘ imbalances in this archetype’ do you mean pentacles? IE money?

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