TAROT has been used throughout the ages to provide guidance for those who have questions and can not find the answers.  Each Tarot Divination holds a well-spring of information.

Question:  “How do I know what the cards are trying to tell me – there is so much information?”

Answer:  Every reading and every individual will receive a difference message from the same card. So, just how do you know what the card is saying to you at that moment?  As you slowly read the divination – you will experience emotional, physical and mental responses to what you are reading.  Examples:  “That doesn’t apply to me!” (ignore that part), “Wow, talk about hitting the nail on the head!” (highlight this section)  “I don’t understand.” (Ignore this part)  “I wish this were true!” (highlight this section)  No response on any level. (ignore it)  Heavy response on any level. (highlight it).  Get the picture.

I am adding this Q&A (question and answer) section to help those of you who have questions.  I can not answer questions about a particular reading, because that requires the reader to be present at the time of the reading – however, if you have a simple question about the Tarot or the Divination, I will do my best to answer it or direct you to a source which can answer it.  Diana

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  1. diana Post author

    Clarisse, when you have a dominate suit showing up in your reading – note what suit it is. The Wands reference your communication with your higher self, The Swords reference your struggles withing yourself, The Pentacles reference your attachments to the material plain and the Cups reference emotional situations having to do with your heart. Hope that helps. Diana

  2. Clarisse Gatti

    Hello Diana,
    Huge fan of your site, your card descriptions make interpretation a spread so much easier and I really appreciate that. I do have a question about suits, generally if a suit dominates a spread how can I use that information further in my readings? Your insight is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

  3. diana Post author

    Angela, I compiled information from as far back as the works from Socrates, his student Plato and his student Aristotle, who’s work “Metaphysics” is considered to be one of the greatest philosophical works and was the beginning of works which are known as “Aristotle’s Metaphysics” and the Middle Books (Zeta, Eta and Theta) are considered the “core” of Metaphysics. One of my favorite manuscripts was “Meditations on the Tarot: A Journey into Christian Hermeticism” originally published anonymously – so that the works could “speak for themselves”. These works began my 13 year effort to combine all the works of the Masters of Tarot into one powerful source which could be used by the Reader to develop their own personal understanding of the meanings of the cards as they pertained to any one moment or situation in their lives. I’m sorry, I could not tell you the exact source of any of the words – I completed the works over 39 years ago, when I published them and spirit guided me every step of the way – it was never “my works” but the words that Spirit put into my head. I hope this helps. Angela – trust what you are guided to study – keep the parts that hold a place in your heart and discard the rest for this is becoming the truth as you know it.

  4. Angela

    Hi Diana!

    Thanks so much for your work. I bought your Tarot Divinations book, and I have a question re: the Hierophant. You say that to use Sacred Magic, we have to paralyze the five currents of the will (desires to be great, to take, to keep, to advance and to hold onto at the expense of others). Where did you hear about these five currents of the will? If it your observation, is this the only place you write about it? I have a Scorpio Venus and Mercury in the 9th house, so I love to learn, as you can imagine and I have done some research, but I can’t find a reference for these. It’s really amazing. I appreciate your guidance everyday.


  5. diana Post author

    Kelsey, I did offer this service for many, many years – I have now retired and no longer provide this service. Diana

  6. Pumpernickel bread

    Diana I visit your site every day and enjoy it a lot. However my browser is telling me that your security certificate has expired, making you an ‘unsafe’ site to visit. Please let your IT person know so they can arrange to get it sorted as the message may put people of. Thanks for your wisdom and insight, I use it for guidance every day.

  7. Lina

    I really loved your descriptions of the cards, why did you change them?? The new descriptions seem dumbed down and less spiritual, they were so complex before. Your site was always my favorite.

  8. diana Post author

    I had some problems with my service provider over the SSL Certificate. After 15 years, now they are wanting to charge separately for it. Such a sad thing is Greed! It is up and running again – so, sorry for the inconvenience.

  9. L

    Your website, which I have been using for a long time, has suddenly developed a problem. Instead of my browser allowing me to just click and enter different pages on the website, every time I click I get a page warning me that the session is not private and that my security may be at risk. This may be due to some stupid new rule that the browser company is trying to get website wners to pay for their safety certificate but either way it is very annoying as I have to click through 2 security check page just to get to each of your site pages.

  10. diana Post author

    Mads, within us all is a bright side and a dark side – we learn to balance the two through our inner conversations. I like to look at the 7th card as how the darker side of us is being affected, the 8th card represents basically how those around us are being affected, and the 9th card is how the brighter side of us is being affected by the current situation. Hope this helps – have a blessed day – Diana

  11. Mads Elung-Jensen

    Hello Diana,

    Greetings from Berlin. I have consulted your page for the past 8 years and it has given me so many insights and impulses to further relection, thanks a lot.

    I have a question to your interpretations of the positions of the cards in the Celtic Cross. As I understand it the 8th card is physical matters and the 9th card is matters of the heart. Could you elaborate a bit on your view of each card’s position?

    Best, Mads

  12. Marika

    Hi there!

    I just wanted to stop by and let you know how much I love your interpretations of the cards!!!!

    I mostly just use tarot for single card daily readings to get some daily insight on things going on in my life and I always always use your website. I’m always SO impressed by how insightful your interpretations are–especially for the reversed cards! Thank you for all of your efforts!!

  13. diana Post author

    Amanda, I am happy to have you quote the works on Crystal Clear Reflections Tarot as long as your forum does not promote any negative thought lines. I require that you provide a link to the entire page that you are taking the quote from, to allow your readers to view the quote in its entire context. Diana

  14. Rosemary

    Nine of Wands

    > You are on the right path – continue on this way – hear what others have to say and do not be abstinent.

    abstinent should be obstinate, I believe.

    Thank you for a most valuable site!


  15. Micheline


    Your site is so incredibly helpful. Thank you for providing it. Do you also do personal readings?

    Thanks again,


  16. diana Post author

    “next to” indicates any card next to the top/bottom, right/left of the card, however … much like the meaning of the reversed cards are “lessor than” the full impact of the upright card, if the card is somewhere in the reading, but not directly next to your card – you might consider the advise like it was “lessor than” the power of directly “next to” the card. Hope that helps. Diana

  17. francis

    Question, when reading the cards’ special messages section, when it says ‘next to the xxxxx card’. do you mean RIGHT NEXT TO, or, next to, meaning, somewhere in the spread. Any help is appreciated. And ps, your site is THE BOMB! The BEST site for tarot, and the only I’ve found that gives meaning in specific placement. SO MUCH appreciated!

  18. Ollie

    Thank you. This is the best tarot interpretation on the internet. The interpretation of each position has been indispensable. You have put in an enormous amount of work here.


  19. diana Post author

    The one card drawing is not representative of any position in another spread. You are asking a question or seeking guidance and you pull one card to get an answer. As you read the meaning of the card, focus on the statements that generate an emotional response, then direct your attention to that response and why you are experiencing it.

  20. diana Post author

    Alicia, when your emotions are out of balance, it effects everything in your life. Consider focusing your goal for the moment on dealing with the problems that are causing the emotional upset so that you can return to a state of calm and balance. Focus on the solution, not the problem or the negative thoughts of future events which only exist in your mind. You have made great progress, trust that your spirit can help you overcome this minor setback.

  21. diana Post author

    Jean, the site has no need for “membership”, it is free to all and you are free to ask questions and comment if you wish.

  22. Alicia

    Hallo Diana,
    congratulations for the great website. I spent a lot of time here reading interpretations and I really found them very useful, perfectly described and even with more specific meaning than the other pages I’ve visited so far. Now on my question. I laid a three card spread about my physical condition. I lost a lot of weight in the last year and so. I am putting really huge efforts being on special regime, eating healthy stuff, exercising regularly to keep my shape and I am really proud I succeeded to maintain the same form so far. Recently (like in the last month) there’s a change in my eating habits and overall emotional condition and I started to put some pounds on. No need to say I am really in a worry not to return to my previous look as 2 years ago. I needed to receive a guidance from the tarot cards why am I experiencing this and shall I be able to keep up the good form not letting the emotions ruin my long way of efforts. So the three cards that appeared were: Six of Pentacles reversed, the Sun reversed and Three of Pentacles upright. Can you help me with reading this combination? And also is there a specific spread that I can use for this so called ”physical” type of questions?
    Your help is appreciated!
    Much love and respect,

  23. diana Post author

    You can do a circle with all 12 months, then put one card in the center as an overall card. I do not prefer readings this far out, simply because your future is so fluid and can change so quickly, also there is nothing to bring together the past and future considerations. Hope this answers your question. Diana

  24. diana Post author

    Sasha, the spirits are always listening and they respond through whatever means you are receptive to … faith will show you a huge well spring of information when you are receptive to it – trust your heart, not those around you who wish to only dampen your beautiful spirit! Diana

  25. Adam

    This may seem a sillly question but, when you say “next to” in relation to one card being next to another for a specific message, do you mean the card directly before or after in the spread? Or is it more literal and can mean for instance, the 1st card is physically “next to” any card in the 2nd – 6th positions?

  26. Jennifer Schultz

    Hello! I’ve been using your interpretations for a number of years now. Purchased the PDF version also. I don’t find a place to become a member on your website, and you do make mention of it as a possibility…

    Thank you,

  27. sasha

    My Tarot cards have been telling me for the past few months now that I needed to ground myself and that I would start to feel better and my life purpose would start to reveal itself to me,and was also told to look out for synchronicitys and number repeats etc,well iv been noticing all the feathers, and I have actually started to notice the number 444, apparently this means I’m greatly loved and that I’m actually surrounded in my daily life with a team of angels and apparently other heavenly beings, and today for the first time ever I actually did a chakra cleansing meditation by archangel Gabriel and I actually managed to quieten my mind and sit without getting distracted with my busy thoughts and I have been feeling fan dabbie dozy since around 9:15 ish am ,singing my head off all morning and just generally feeling well and truly elated for the first time in i honestly don’t know how long,as I suffer from chronic depression,anxiety and ocd,i was actually starting to feel slightly suicidal just 2days ago, so Thankyou Tarot and thankyou angels and thankyou again Diane Namastay,and blessed be

  28. sasha

    Me again lol
    Hello ,still loving this app ,have to say I’m pleasantly surprised that an app can actually be so in tune with a person, I’m enjoying learning through this app ,and it really is helping me on my spiritual journey, somebody tried to tell me that these apps don’t really work and that you have to use real tarot cards and get a feel for them.
    I’m pleased to say that they were wrong , using this app has actually described situations etc from my personal life, both from the past and things from the present, I am only using it for my own personal use because like I said it is definatly helping my journey ,also I have no need to worry about any body mauling with the app so do not need to worry about any negative energies attaching to it.

    Thankyou again Diane
    Best wishes to you now and in your future
    Love sasha

  29. diana Post author

    Rebecca, I rarely do readings unless “spirit” needs to give someone a specific message – then they will be guided to me. This site has been provided to help people “help themselves” – I was simply a conduit used to pass on the information. Diana

  30. diana Post author

    In the Celtic reading the 8th card is the card that normally represents external influences. I personally do not connect the Court cards with a person, but rather with that “level” of energy (page – new, young energy, king – old, mastery of the energy). There is one viewpoint that the people who surround us are mirror images of specific energies within ourselves – energies we are aware of or energies being shown to us because we refuse to look it ourselves and the level of the court card indicates how close or far we are from Mastering that aspect of ourselves. This must then be combined with the energy of the rest of the reading for a clearer understanding. Try to pay attention to your emotional responses, they can guide to to the information you should pay attention to and also point out the information which is not meant for you at the time of your reading. Hope this helps. Diana

  31. Bob

    I have been using your interpretations for years now and am deeply grateful. Your words resonate. Thank you so much!

  32. rose

    I have a question about court cards.
    When i get one in a reading, i never know if it’s a person ‘out there’ or an aspect of me ‘in here’… and get confused trying to hook people in my life into the cardes.
    How do we know how to read these?

  33. sasha

    Love this set of tarot cards, out of all the tarot apps this is definitely one of the best, there very clear so that helps me to understand them better, and then by coming on here after a reading the explanation of the ,what the card position in the particular spread you have just done, really helps to clarify it all, Thankyou or the time and patience of your efforts and work done
    With love sashs

  34. diana Post author

    Thank you for your support – I find great joy when I hear these words, they let me know spirit is always working through us. Diana

  35. diana Post author

    We all follow spirit in our own way – mine was to provide a source for people to use to contact their own spirit. I am always joyful when you are able to achieve this. Thank you for your commends. Diana

  36. carol ciulla

    So many many times I come here as a jumping off place for my reflection. A nudge, a light into a new place, inside me. A new perspective, direction. Most of all I find inspiration to center my energy to connect with the all.
    I am grateful for your dedication to this study and making it available.

  37. Abagail

    How would you convert your interpretations for the position meanings 1-10 into a 3 card past-present-future reading layout?

  38. Abagail

    Spirit truly speaks through you to us. You have created a masterpiece on this website. When I read your definitions I hear my Spirit speaking to me and guiding me towards my truth. I am so grateful to you for amassing this work and offering
    it to seekers like myself. You are a gift. Thank you.

  39. Madeleine

    Amazing writing and insights. I would love a hard cover book, too, if ever available.

  40. diana Post author

    We will see … if Spirit wants a book, it will present itself. I am happy that you are benefiting from the writings of Spirit.

  41. Phx

    Thank you for your site and for sharing your wisdom. Re the card meanings, can you tell me if there is a particular ten-card spread that the Special Message card positions (“in the first position” etc.) correspond to? Tree of Life, Celtic Cross? Sorry if I seem dense. Thanks!

  42. Adam

    Reading your writing and interpretations, I feel like I’ve discovered a magical forgotten language. This is pure poetry: “Your art – the output of your handiwork, the beauty that flows from the movement, the use of your body, the mystery you unlock from the inert materials of the world – is carried to such a high level as to bear witness to the hard reality of the spiritual realm, of the certain existence of God.”

    I’m purchasing the PDF right now but would love if you could publish in book form someday. Thank you for your efforts.

  43. diana Post author

    This is a difficult question to answer, since there are so many things in play. The king represents mastery of the particular suit. It can represent the masters that surround you, or your own mastery. Swords in the second position would indicate a struggle with something you probably already know the answer to. Cups (r) in the 3rd would indicate to much emotional response is dictating the present. Wands (r) in the 5th position would indicate that you are not listening to your own guidance and experience which could redirect your outcome and the Pentacles (r) in the 7th position would indicate you are battling with your own mind which has probably already answered your questions – you simply are not listening or trusting your own master.

  44. Venus

    What does 4 kings in the celtic cross spread mean please – second (swords), third (cups reversed), fifth (wands reversed) and seventh (pentacles reversed) positions.

  45. Lindsey

    There’s interpretations on older sites? I would like to know those too please! What are the sites called?

  46. Vanessa

    I love your interpretations, truly — for years, Crystal Clear Reflections have been the ones I turn to time and again. The wisdom, love and truth really shine through. Thank you for all your work!

  47. Lucille Milne

    Much love and respect.

    The new site is fabulous. I’ve been reading for the past 5 years and always use your site for a go to reference.
    Love your interpretations and questions for guidance.

    Kind Regards


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