Page of Pentacles (R)

Page of Pentacles (R)

Page of Pentacles (R) says your views are not appreciated by those around you – understand that those feelings can bring unfavorable news.  Do not become rebellious – remain receptive to your desires to resolve the major issues in your life and restructure relationships.  Relax now – the difficult task has been completed.  Rest – center yourself within and trust in the power of God to turn your situation around.  Unpredictable, not a self-starter, not in touch with the body or the inner self.  Basic physical deficiencies.  Out of phase with the physical environment.  Inability to seize physical opportunities.

Questions to Answer:

  1. What new information are you gathering?
  2. What new possibilities do you contain within yourself?
  3. Who is bringing you financial information?
  4. Are you listening to the earth?

Special Messages based on card position:

In the first position: Allow yourself to play at life, to enjoy fully the simplest of things.  This is not to literally remain a child or to avoid responsibility, but to cherish these qualities in the face of those who would have you give them up.

In the second position: In a rare case, you might have become literally dependent on a young child for your support.

In the third position: You are the agent through which this Page can deliver his/her gifts.

In the fourth position: Extremes – distorts into the love of the wild, the untamed and thus a rejection of the process civilization, of growing up, of becoming fully human.

In the fifth position: You may think adversely about this Page or he/she about you.

In the sixth position: At one extreme, there may be a retreat by you or by the Page.

In the seventh position: You may fear this child or what he/she represents.

In the eighth position: You may reject this child, or he/she may reject you.

In the ninth position: Your heart may be involved with this child, but rather not be.  Or, the opposite, this can be the symbol of your heart’s sadness over this child.

In the tenth position: Much of this blessing will be passed through you to others.

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