Nine of Cups

Nine of Cups

Nine of Cups suggests expansive happiness of the body, mind and spirit – fulfillment, emotional satisfaction.  You have learned to compromise, to release your worry and problems by concentrating on simple ordinary pleasures.  Manifest your potential – you can now create your own reality with the gift of your creative imagination.  You have successfully faced all the terrors on your path home and your wish can now come true.  Enjoy the deep and quiet inner contentment that comes with attaining your goals.

There will be much happiness – your future is assured and material gains are now possible.  You will experience good health and a sense of well-being.  Life will seem easier as your worries disappear and new plans materialize.  You have learned to come and go from your unconscious with ease, to work with your dreams and intuitive techniques and you can now visualize what you desire with such clarity that it comes into being.  You have the resources and the knowledge to nurture others along the same path you have traveled, for you now recognize that nothing serves you better than a simple good time.  Let your contribution fulfill you – “feel” the spirit of life as you create with your talents and manifest your magic.

The impact of the higher mind on the Emotional Plane.  With the resulting increase in emotional and creative awareness there is great comfort and joy with yourself and life in general.  You have good emotional support systems in place, giving you emotional security and restorative power.  Abundance of energy.  Desires are being fulfilled.  You are deeply compassionate and creative as you are in touch, in tune.  An artistic or poetic lifestyle of the highest order.  Interest and work in the arts, theater or music.  Sensitivity, a dramatic personality.  You may wear your heart on your sleeve.  Benevolent power.  Restorative power.

Questions to Answer:

  1. How have your wishes been fulfilled?
  2. What pleasures are being experienced?
  3. What do you feel smug about?
  4. What do you want to manifest in your life?
  5. Can you visualize it in detail?

Special Messages based on card position:

In the first position: You are meant to enjoy life with the wide range of sensitivities you have been blessed with.  Yours is the art of living.  Your learning is hands on, experiential and your teaching is by example and the content of your creative projects.

In the second position: The depth of your creative resources are with you wherever you go and nothing can take them away from you.  These talents can be applied in a wide range of pragmatic application as necessary so you are secure in any set of circumstances.

In the third position: The emotional backing, all the energy you will need, is coming your way.  What is now available to you is the result of your past work in your Emotional Plane, with relationships and/or your creative projects.  You may relax and simply enjoy the moment.

In the fourth position: You are in love with the possibilities that love has for bringing and keeping people together, its positive binding attributes.  Identification of commonalities.  Family, profession, nationality are a few of the ways you may choose to package your emotional identity.

In the fifth position: You are fully aware of your good fortune with emotional matters.  intellectual satisfaction with product or conduct of relationships, family, extended family, projects of compassion.  Or mental satisfaction with the progress of creative endeavors.

In the sixth position: Can you handle emotional success in large quantities? The near future sees you under the most fortunate of circumstances in your emotional and creative affairs.

In the seventh position: The ego will be most satisfied with the possibilities in your emotional world.  It almost looks too good to be true.

In the eighth position: You are strong now and others can lean on you for support.  This could well be a time for feasting, as all the senses are in full play wanting to enjoy the luxury of the moment.

In the ninth position: A time of great joy, rejoicing at the good results in your interrelationships with the people you hold close in your heart.  Anyone in your sphere of influence is also benefiting at this time.

In the tenth position: You are to be rewarded with a rush of energy, of backing beyond your expectations.  This is all energy you will need to complete your projects and meet the demands others will place on you.

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Nine of Cups

  1. diana Post author

    Raven, the nine of cups is a “heart” card. I believe you already know the answer to your question – you need to follow your heart and trust in your spirits guidance to do what is best for you and your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health. Diana

  2. Raven5656

    I was wondering, if you draw the nine of cups in the Celtic cross 10th position and you are exploring a decision to end a long term relationship, is the suggestion to go through with it or hold on? Is the happiness it suggests because they follow through or an indication that they should hold on? I’m confused

    Thanks in advance

  3. diana Post author

    Your opinion is your opinion, thank you for sharing it. That is what is so wonderful about the cards – everyone will have a different experience, a different understanding, even from one layout to another. What you understand today will be different from what you will understand in a reading six months from now. My PERSONAL understanding of the reversed cards is that they represent an energy that is “less than” the full power of the upright cards. My understanding … is not relevant to the understanding of anyone else – for we are all on a different level of learning and understanding, we are all on a different Journey. My understanding, my knowing is only useful to my journey. Perhaps your knowing will turn out to be useful to someone else on their journey. We just never know do we. Diana

  4. Luke

    If it is okay I would like to add something to the discussion about reversed cards. I agree, especially with Celtic Cross readings, the information can be quite complex, thorough and detailed, thus it may just add unnecessary complication to a reading and might be best to stick with just upright cards. Every card potentially has both negative and positive connotations depending in where placed and its relation to other cards too.

    For instance in the case of the 9 of Cups, though inherently positive, meaning something pleasurable, there will always be an added sense in which it could result in a ‘not so positive’ , for instance we might really enjoy food or alcohol but then we might have to pay for it if we over-indulge in them because it made us weigh more than we wanted to, or we have to suffer a hangover? So though obviously on the surface positive, the 9 of Cups can also result in something negative.

    I think that is a way in which reversed cards can be viewed too. Like say if I got a negative card reversed that represented some kind of criticism or embarrassment, it could be seen perhaps as a situation which represented a defeat for me in some way but actually the result of this defeat led to something positive, let’s say, maybe a piece of art I did got criticized publicly because it was a little sloppy here and there, and it felt defeating to be publicly embarrassed but what followed was I learnt that I could improve that thing that was criticized and by doing so people ended up being more impressed with the quality of the art, thus a positive came out of a negative.

    I find the relation and placement of cards also adds a whole other dimension of whether a positive or negative connotation is in the narrative. Say for example if I got The Sun in the seventh place indicating that I felt I was emanating or feeling quite bright and expansive in my personality, great! But then, say, the 5 of Wands turned up in the 8th, the ‘environment’ position, that could indicate that some people are not at all pleased with my bright and cheery attitude and are taking me to task about it? I’m just trying to illustrate that there are so many things that create potential narratives, the cards’ relationships to each other in a reading or just simply their placement in the reading (which is so brilliantly worked with on this website), even with the cards just upright the messages one might need to hear will probably come through without necessarily needing to have reversed cards.

    Occasionally if I do feel I really need to get to grips with a problem I might us reversed cards to give me some home truths to try and clear up something in my own attitude that isn’t working for me but I can’t quite see it, but I only do that if I am feeling strong enough to take some painful revelations, most of the time I prefer to work with upright cards and I find it makes it a bit easier to get to grips with what a reading is saying and even then it is still complex, especially, as I said , with the Celtic Cross spread.

  5. diana Post author

    Freyja, the reverse cards are not “negative” cards. They represent “lessor than” – the power of a reversed card is “lessor than” the full power of the up-right card. Hope this helps. Diana

  6. Freyja

    I would say to Samantha not to use reversed cards. There are enough positives and negatives in the deck to get an answer.

  7. diana Post author

    If you need specific answers, you might want to focus on a 3 card (past, present, future) or simply a 1 card draw. When you are trying to break down a larger spread, as you read the divination – focus only on the messages that create an emotional or strong mental response. Write them down and then focus only on that portion of each card. Hope this helps – Diana

  8. Samantha Comer

    I did a Celtic cross spread for myself and pulled the world reversed, crossed by queen of wands, above 6 swords reversed below ace swords behind 2 Wanda reversed in front 9 of pentacles reverses, seventh card Devil eighth 4 cups reversed, ninth 8 pentacles reversed ending with nine of cups
    It’s confusing with all the positives and negatives contradicting one another and I am needing very specific help into the issue can u help?

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