Select this if your card is Upright.

11 thoughts on “Upright

  1. Marlane Meyer

    I found your reply to my email about my downloads after they had expired. I would let it go if the interpretation was not so excellent and the website functioned better but I’m having a hard time with scrolling down and having the card disappear on me.

  2. Empress

    Update!! When I updated my IOS to the newest version……. I finally am able to see the list of all the individual wands. :). Apparently that was the problem. Thanks so much, so happy now as I LOVE this website!!!

  3. diana Post author

    When you click on the Wands, you see Reversed / Upright. If you click on one of them you will get the blank page you are seeing. When your mouse rolls over the Reversed, all the the cards will be listed to the side of it – slide your mouse over to the list and down to the card you wish to see – then click your mouse over the card and it will open. Hope this helps. Diana

  4. Empress

    Page is blank for the wands….. nothing shows up. Read comments and dideverything you said, but still nothing. I am on a iPad… would that make a difference?

  5. diana Post author

    Ann, you might want to try clearing your cache and going back into the WordPress pages. I have checked them on the IPhone, 3 machines and one laptop and they work just fine. Diana

  6. diana Post author

    I am sorry you are having problems with the wordpress pages. I have tested them on the IPhone, 3 machines and a laptop and they work just fine. You might want to try clearing your cashe and then going back to the program. Diana

  7. Ann Magoon

    Hi, I found your site last night, some stuff was working on it on the mobile site, today not much is working. When I click on a suit, I get upright or reversed, when I click on one, it takes me to a page for email. Also would like to join, but cannot find joining page, doesn’t appear anywhere to be found. thanks. What I did find that works rang really true, would sure like to use this site in the future.

  8. diana Post author

    I am sorry you are having a problem. I have tested the links on three machines and my phone and they appear to be working just fine. I am not a computer technician, so I can not solve this for you.

  9. Queen of Pentacles

    Hi!!! I’ve been meaning to let you know for a long time now…. that the links are not available for the wands. It does show reversed and upright links, but when you click on them, nothing shows up. 🙂 Have a great day!!

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