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tower r

The Tower shares that the process of change has started.  Do not resist the inevitable breakdown of your present circumstances – let go, do not fight it.  Look at things the way they really are – ignore the opposition and you will win the day.  To rid yourself of something old or undesirable, you need to literally get rid of it – so that something much better can come along.  See the writing on the wall – accept your situation and do what you know is right.  Do not wait till the last minute – trying to hang on only makes the situation worse.  Clear things up and have the courage to start over.

Your “ego” can find a reason for everything – but it is the wrong reason.  Allow yourself to undergo the full experience.  Trying to keep a tight reign on your reactions may lessen your pain for the moment – but in doing so, you do not release all the repressed emotions.  The painful experience continues inside you – never having gone its full course.  In trying to shield yourself from the Towers lightening – you virtually become its prisoner.

Enlightenment is a disturbing experience because it disrupts the little false “ego” world you have surrounded yourself with.  You suddenly see that there is much more than the everyday world with all of its problems – there is an “inner” world filled with happiness and joy.  You have always been aware of it, but you identified with it on the “ego” level in which you always seemed to loose.  In the transition from the Tower – you never “loose” anything.  Your “ego” becomes subordinate to your Inner Self and you begin to enjoy creating for that is what truly makes you happy.  On the “ego” level – you win some and you loose some.  In the creative situation – you ALWAYS win because you are not playing any games – you ARE important or you wouldn’t be here! Suggests that the major lesson involves someone else, someone most likely close to you, but you are involved in them getting this message and/or in the lesson itself.

Questions to Answer:

  1. How are you improving and restructuring yourself and your environment?
  2. What are you angry about?
  3. What structures in your life are breaking up?
  4. What has shattered your complacency?
  5. What sudden realization or insight have you had?

Special Messages based on card position:

In the first position: You have been provided a strong constitution for many will reject the messenger as well as the message.

In the second position: Either too much or too little attention to a message or event, affecting the physical/material plane in the past.

In the third position: The information you are receiving is not for you.  You are an important link in someone else’s lesson.

In the fourth position: There can be an over romanticized view of the messages and/or the messenger.  At another extreme, someone can become emotionally over-dependant on moments of crisis attaching to the burst of energy felt.  An inability to process and early trauma.

In the fifth position: You may still be in shock with the effect of an event or revelation.  Instead of clarifying your situation, you may be somewhat muddled.  Let nature help steady you and bring the right message through – take a walk outdoors, a bicycle ride or other light exercise, where you can combine the physical and mental planes.  Meditation alone to still the mind will most likely compound the problem.

In the sixth position: This jolt to your Emotional Plane may at first not be a welcome one, but time will change your mind.  The tendency will be either to over or under react.  Simply deal with it as objectively as possible and get on with you life.

In the seventh position: This could be the mental breakthrough that you have been waiting for.  It could also be a jolt that challenges your ego and perhaps as a test of your resolve toward your goals.  Such shocks can be tests and training to increase your ability to handle fear.

In the eighth position: These changes are abrupt and without warning.  They can include accidents, illnesses, loss of employment.  If something of this sort has already happened, let this reading be an integral part of your healing process and if nothing of not has occurred yet, this reading is part of your ability to turn that event away from your doorstep, not a fixed fate.

In the ninth position: This heart may be in shock, possibly overwhelmed, but rest assured the feeling will pass.  You may be compounding the problem by resisting the obvious.

In the tenth position: Work harder to improve your validation of sources and messages.

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Tower (R)

  1. diana Post author

    Thanks for the Kudos Shannon. Never believe your 2 cents is nothing but loose change – spread it around freely – it could one day save a life and you wouldn’t even know it. Trust and believe in your path … even if you don’t like where you are at the moment … you may not be there for your own growth, but for that of another. Have a great day – Diana

  2. Shannon Robinson

    …always seemed to “lose”. You win some you “lose” some.
    You never “loose” anything.

    My 2 cents is nothing but loose change, I know. However this is my favorite tarot site and I want the best for you.

    Great work on the reflections and interpretations. This is my go to site as I study and practice.

  3. Minerva, Female Droid.

    In the second paraghaph, where it says “…may lesson your pain…” you would rather say “…may lessen your pain…” if you meant “reduce”.
    Thanks for your service to the Light.

  4. Thomas Prather

    I would like to receive news letters and tarot readings if possible. Thank you.

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