Select if your card is Reversed.

2 thoughts on “Reversed

  1. diana Post author

    Elina, when I type in the card, my “pick of the day” version is there, just not the WordPress version. I will do some research on why the WordPress pages are not being searched by Google. Thank you for your concern. I do not worry about “competition”, those who seek guidance always find the sources they need. Diana 🙂

  2. Elina

    Are you aware that your site’s card pages do not appear in google searches? I often write like this “tower reversed crystal clear” and it used to give me your site. Now no matter what i write, even as specific as “two of cups crystal clear reflections” it only shows the “reversed” page. Where there are none card links or anything.

    Well sure i can click the menu button but i just thought you should know this for it affects your findability and as for any competition its bad for your site. I’d contact google or something. Bless u! Bye

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