Two of Pentacles

two of pentacles


The Two of Pentacles shares that you will experience progressive change now.  You have the ability to cope with two or more situations, having learned to juggle them both – but, much more will be achieved once you have made a decision.  Think before you act – reflect on things – take a good look at your situation.  Be patient – time and reflection will reveal how you are doing and what your next move will be.  It is essential that you maintain harmony.  Do not allow this change or these disturbing influences upset you.  Let yourself play.  Be flexible and venturesome – it will provide scope for your intuition.  Emotional tranquility brings clarity.  You can not see to the bottom of things if the surface is all stirred up.  Get away from it all – even if only for a moment.  Expect to receive acknowledgment and reassuring news.  Stop believing that spiritual development occurs only in serious moments – pleasure and amusement can teach you a great deal, as long as you are willing to pay attention.

Here is the entrance of “other” on the physical level.  The recognition of choice, of alternatives and the action in relation to that choice.  The search here is for means of growth in terms of physical health and security, work advancement, financial reliability.  Evaluation is in terms of physical skills and prowess and contribution to well-being.  Sizing up, enjoying the competition, be it business or sports.  Probing, detection, touch-oriented, extroverted, hands-on.  Active/decisive.  Tests of strength and reliability.  The stirring of responsibility in the hunter to provide for the tribe.  Good neighbor.  Business, material negotiations, joining – the physical aspects of the sex act without the emotional, mental or spiritual components.

Questions to Answer:

  1. What two or more situations are you handling with ease?
  2. What are you adapting to?
  3. What do you want to change in your home, profession, status, finances?
  4. What are you juggling in order to keep stable – money, weight, finances, lifestyle?
  5. In what ways do you play and use your excess energies?
  6. What calls for diplomacy?

Special Messages:

  • Next to Hanged Man: Wait for the situation to materialize and don’t be so impatient.
  • Next to Ace of Swords: Re-evaluate new ideas and eliminate unnecessary spending – your budget must balance now.
  • Five before or after: You are scattering your energies and this is causing confusion.  If you feel you have lost something, it will be found once you settle down.

Special Messages based on card position:

In the first position – Begin to focus on the positive aspects of your physical/material plane.  Establish and promote yourself – fulfill your highest potential.

In the second position: Ability to manage time/materials and keep many balls in the air serves you well.  Your combination of physical gifts and ambition is unbeatable.  Even when you loose, you don’t loose.  At times what you do seems like magic to others.  You have generated much good will.  Good instinctive decisions.

In the third position: Accept the challenge.  Move outward, forward to add to and strengthen your present position.  Increase is possible now but only if you consider some new options as variations, improvements on what exists now.  This is not a major change, rather a continuation with modifications.

In the fourth position: Passion here is for balance, physical/material balance.  To always be alert, on your feet ready to go at a minute’s notice to grab the next hook, to be ready when opportunity knocks.  To always have what you need, in personal health and resources to manage successfully the next step.  To be productive, capable of taking in raw material and turning out a finished product for a profit.

In the fifth position: You are considering options, in physical/material matters.  Review of options has already generated a plan.  Examine other positions in the spread to see where this idea has come from and to assure its validity for your karmic purpose.

In the sixth position: Here is the impact of physical/material choice/alternatives on the Emotional Plane, on relationships and your creative thrust.

In the seventh position: Physical harmony of opposites takes precedence.  Interest in the new, the different, is stirring the pot.  An intellectual interest in new physical/material things – new diet, new profession, exercise, investing.

In the eighth position: Whether still considering options or having taken decisive steps, you are enjoying the interaction with new factors/players in one or more aspects of your physical plane – health, security or finances.  Your agreement to get on with it or get it on – will be highly productive.

In the ninth position: Heart considering material/physical options, ambitious to enrich relationships or to advance a creative project.  To enlarge what already exists as opposed to something altogether new.  One possibility is the physical pleasure of sex, another is the special bond of friendship developed through common effort on a difficult project.

In the tenth position: You will find yourself more agile, more ambitious, more flexible than you ever imagined possible.  Here is the street juggler mainstreaming in your life path.  All this comes with these newfound talents and extroverted courage.

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Two of Pentacles

  1. diana Post author

    It is only using the sex act as an “example” of how much is invested when you “join” with a business and become “one” with it. Hope that helps. Diana

  2. becky bellin

    I’m confused with the last sentence in the paragraph just above the questions to answer section. Unsure of how to interpret “Business, material negotiations, joining – the physical aspects of the sex act without the emotional, mental or spiritual components.” Seems to me the whole meaning leaned toward work or work ethics, productivity, contributing etc. I didn’t see anything even remotely relating to sex with no attachments.

  3. Kathy

    Hi… I am asking what this card means in the first position because it is not listed here. ????

  4. Kathy

    What about the significance of having this card in the first position…? Thanks so much for this site!

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