Two of Cups

two of cups

The Two of Cups shares with you love that is nurturing, creative, clearly focused, inspirational and equally fulfilling.  A beautiful start to a new romance in which you will experience understanding, harmony and deep love between two souls – together you will reach your goals.  The seed has blossomed into a tree of appreciation.  Good solid ideas are passing between two people.  Kindness and thoughtfulness will bind your two hearts together – the feeling of being simultaneously very special to one another, rather than just equal.  Expect a surprise.

You are a compassionate, caring person – you understand the healing powers of love and the importance of relating with others.  There is a spiritual dimension to your passion – a passionate drive toward spiritual expression.  Your conscious and subconscious dimensions now work together.  You will experience emotional balance and fulfillment – the capacity to give love as well as to receive love in equal proportion as what “appeared” to be opposition is now reconciled.

The beginning of a new relationship – a love affair which will unite your separate qualities and abilities through love, to produce something in your lives beyond what either of you could have achieved alone.  Love gives meaning to the sexual drive that leads us to it.  Once you unite your action and movement with your emotional sensitivity and an appreciation of experience – you give your life value.  You will find success once you have linked your spiritual grounding to your technical ability and explorations.

Two is the number of LOVE – it is the fundamental condition of love.  Love is inconceivable without the Lover and the Loved – without ME and YOU – without One and the Other.  “God is Love; and he who abides in Love abides in God and God abides in him.” (I John 4:16) Wisdom and power – without love is deprived of all worth.

The entrance of “other” at the emotional level.  Recognition of choice, of alternatives – then the action in relation to that choice.  Sex, passion, love and proposals – engagement, marriage and partnership.  Harmony of opposites.  One-to-one relationships.  Recognition of talent as an aspect of the self, yet bigger than self.  A relationship develops – one person with another.

Questions to Answer:

  1. To whom are you giving your love and affections?
  2. How do you nurture others?
  3. What is being healed in your relationship?
  4. How are your inner masculine and feminine uniting and working together in your life?
  5. What are you lovingly sharing with another?

Special Messages:

  • Next to Tower: There are new circumstances present – re-adjust a personal relationship.  Unexpected news could cause pressure or stress.
  • Next to High Priestess: Your inability to penetrate your partner’s depth makes you feel incomplete and insecure.
  • Next to Sun: Two people will share many blessings – great love and understanding.

Special Messages based on card position:

In the first position: Life’s lessons will filter through the lens of emotional and creative choice and commitment.  Personal expansion through partnering and/or development of your special gifts must take precedence in all that you do.

In the second position: Your marriage may be a true partnership; you may even be in business together.  Your ability one-on-one is your strongest asset, the kingpin in what you are building.  Healthy understanding of compromise in material matters.

In the third position: Time for selection and commitment.  Harmony of opposites.  Emotional choice is at hand.  Act now in support of your most important relationship.

In the fourth position: True love, romance, life partnership/ marriage are the driving images of your emotions.  Nothing is more important to your heart.  The program for your subconscious.

In the fifth position: Sexual union, engagement, marriage on your mind.  Either the search for the right candidate or formalizing of your relationship if already found.  Evaluating what you are giving up for what you are getting; what you are leaving behind and what is ahead.

In the sixth position: Here is the impact on the heart of formalizing your deepest felt relationship on that relationship itself and that of all your other relationships, as well as your creative processes.  Here is the impact of difficulties with or the ending of your most heartfelt love.  Remember that this love may not be another person; it may well be a special talent you are meant to foster.  It can be anything from any of the four Planes.

In the seventh position: Sexual, emotional harmony of opposites takes precedence in the mental arena.  Strong recognition, formalization of relationship necessary before beliefs, long-term plans can go further.

In the eighth position: Sexual relationship of importance.  Serious courtship and/or action undertaken to bring about plans for engagement or marriage in the present or near future.

In the ninth position: In your heart you desire to find your true love.  If already found, to cement the bond between you.  This can range from the desire for sex the first time together to wanting to get married.

In the tenth position: Ready or not, here comes the relationship you have been programming for.  Marriage, in whatever form appropriate for you, will be the appropriate move by this time next year at the latest.

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Two of Cups

  1. sasha louise

    Diana I have to say I absolutely love this app, it’s one of the best out there especially in terms of accuracy.
    I have tried what seems like hundreds, I have a few different types, angel one and an ascended master one, and I actually have a physical set which I love but yours is still one of my favourites.
    I love the new sections you have added which I only discovered yesterday, I really like the link to the energy healing it makes your app better still.
    I will definitely recommend this .
    Thank you , for your time and effort it’s much appreciated
    I send you my love and light

  2. Sarah

    Hi Diana. Beautiful site and amazing written explanations! As a fellow tarot reader, I always come back to your site just to read your amazing and wonderfully written descriptions of the cards. Could I book a reading with you? Thanks so much!!

  3. Cara Ogburn

    I’ve been browsing online more than 3 hours these days, yet I never discovered any fascinating article like yours. It’s beautiful value sufficient for me. Personally, if all site owners and bloggers made good content material as you did, the internet can be much more useful than ever before.

  4. diana Post author

    Three Majors – you have been receiving spiritual guidance for a long time and your spiritual connection is very strong in all that you think and do. The guidance you are receiving would suggest that you are in the process of aligning the spiritual with the physical and emotional (pentacles = material world, cups = heart, wands = spiritual communication, majors = spiritual guidance). Trust in your intuition right now, let it guide your thoughts and actions. Instead of trying to figure out what it will or will not be – perhaps you might try focusing your energy in the present and allow yourself to enjoy what IS with no attachments or expectations to what it will be.

  5. Shawn

    Thank you Diana. I have since learned the girl I am drawn to is currently in a relationship. There still seems to be a really positive energy between us that feels more than friends. Anyhow, the reading specifically was asking the type of relationship she and I will have. Any other guidance is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    1. X Pentacles
    2. VII of Wands
    3. X of Wands
    4. V The Hierophant
    5. Knight of Wands
    6. XVII The Star
    7. Queen of Pentacles
    8. II Cups
    9. VI Cups
    10. XX Judgement

  6. diana Post author

    In a Celtic spread, the 8th position represents the “outside influences” and having the two of cups there would indicate the presence of a positive “heart” energy influence in your life – but, this must be combined with the rest of the reading to clearly understand what you are wanting to know in that specific reading. Try to pay attention to your emotional responses as you experience the cards – this will help you with what information is “for you” at the time of the reading and what information needs to be discarded in that particular reading. Diana

  7. diana Post author

    To know what a card truly means to you at the time of your reading – requires the combination of all the cards in the reading and your own personal emotional responses to what you are seeing in the cards. The second card in the Celtic represents that which complements or opposes you – what that is depends on all the cards. The two of cups in that position would suggest a complement rather than an opposition. Hope this helps a little.

  8. Arti

    hi Can you please clarify what Two of cups means in second position. especially in terms of a relationship especially an ex.

  9. Shawn

    Does 2 of cups in the 8th position indicate a potential lover is already in a serious relationship? I am a bit confused. Thank you for any input.

  10. diana Post author

    Nicole, the 6th card is what lies ahead in the future. There may be challenges, there may be lessons, there may any number of a thousand experiences awaiting – depending on the cards in the spread and what card lies in the 6th position. I personally do not see “negative or positive” in the cards, just varying levels of experience. I hope this helps.

  11. Nicole


    Can you clarify the sixth position? It sounds positive and then it sounds negative. Which is it?


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