The Lovers

The Lovers

The Lovers share that the vow of “love” is the “fruit” of obedience and poverty.  You have been offered two paths – it is time for your choice.  Resist the temptation to change – stick to your resolutions and make firm decisions.  “Is this situation what you really want?” Control your emotions, seek spiritual values and select your path with care.  Seek the union of your material self-conscious (feeling) and your spiritual sub-conscious (reason).  Discern the differences between the two, separate the true from the false.  Union of the two suggests a rewarding relationship of SELF – the potential of a good marriage.  To free yourself from the “illusion” of “me living – you shadow” requires that you extend the love you have for yourself to others, then you will arrive at the realization of “me living – you living”.  Love your neighbor as you love yourself.  Find your inner lover, your inner “soul mate” and you will find yourself and your “earth mate”.

Your true destiny is to represent the highest aspect of “Self” – to seek and find a balance of intelligence and sensation.  Analyzing what you see and hear on the outside to come up with the truth is virtually impossible – it is your “inner” instruction which fills in the gaps.  Do not resist those to whom you are attracted – seek that which represents balance, beauty, responsibility, unity and harmony.  Love spreads – it fills all who are encompassed within its boundaries.  You have analytical ability and a keen perception – you will come to an honest, fair decision.

Your choice is between your two separate desires.  Your desire for materialism and your desire for spiritual development.  Materialism is the outer path which is laid out for you.  Spiritual development is the “inner” path which leads you to a confrontation with your hidden desires in order to break free of worldly influences and strike out on your own.  Allow your true personality to emerge, with its own ideas and purposes – able to make important decisions based on your own assessment of desires and responsibilities.  This will result in freedom from inhibitions, guilt, conditioning and bondage.  LOVE can exist only in the absence of restrictions.  You can seek, you can ask, you can knock at the door – but you can not open the door by force.  You are required to wait patiently for it to be opened.  Through prayer and meditation you open yourself to “grace” and you receive it.  This knowledge does not happen automatically, it is revealed when the door is open.  Dare to ask, have the will to seek, remain silent and listen long enough to know when the door has been opened to you.

Your relationships mirror your own inner sense of worth.  How you feel about yourself can be seen in how your partner relates to you.  Your sexual drive leads you away from isolation and pushes you to form vital relationships with other people and finally – opens the door to love.  Wholeness is love, which is the non – judgmental acceptance and embrace of the material and the spiritual.  It is through love that you achieve unity with someone else – you come to know a greater meaning and deeper significance to life as you give up the part of your “ego” which controls and isolates you from people and from life itself.  The male is ruled by reasoning, the female is ruled by desire – a balance between the two brings out the divine spark and unites you with your conscious Self.  Balance unites reason with passion and gives conscious energy form, direction and meaning.  The love of a specific person is necessary in your life now, for it will lead you to a new understanding of life.  Allow yourself to engage in emotional intimacy.

An important emotional growth step to the desire for and acceptance of an extension of yourself.  The birth of duality in the heart as the self discovers the other.  Emersion out of the self, immersion in the other.  It teaches you emotional partnering, how to share the basic components of human activity with one other person in particular.  You voluntarily alter your course of needs and wants to accommodate those of another.  Without passion and sexual drives to spur you, you might never make this “compromise,” but it is the first major lesson to the ego of the necessity to go beyond the separate, physical self.

Here are the choices, the trials, the decisions created by desire.  This emotional partnering may in some cases not be with another person, in which case that other something (possibly a place, a thing or even a personal talent of yours) must be thought of as a surrogate for what would otherwise be a lover or mate.  As long as the lessons to be learned at this stage are in fact being addressed and learned, this presents no problem, but if there is no partnering and no surrogate and no lessons being learned, watch out! The evolution of society from the belief systems which are handed to us by our elders, into the thrusts of desire which sends us on our individual quest.  Hence, it takes the birth of duality in love to make us assert our individuality.

Questions to Answer:

  1. What significant relationship are you involved in?
  2. How does this relationship mirror your own sense of self-worth?
  3. What choice or decision do you need to make?
  4. What responsibility will you have to take based on your decision?
  5. What needs to be combined, synthesized or brought together?

Special Messages based on card position:

In the first position: A life that will be dedicated to the discovery and expression of love, the play of divine energy in the worldly sphere.  Raw motivation, the stuff that pushes all of us through the hoops with enough height and speed not to be burned by the ring of fire.

In the second position: The energy and verve with which you do things has given you great prowess.  You are sexy, romance and creativity figure prominently in your overall scheme of things.  Your work itself may deal with this archetype.

In the third position: Heads up for love.  Pay attention to all the signs – there will be plenty.  Honor your creative talents for now is the time to extrovert your feelings, sharing with others who may need your inspiration and prodding to free their feelings.

In the fourth position: The ideal of love.  You have a classic, fairy tale view of the successful love story – the princess and the white knight – as the base for your emotional program.  You may have had a true love at a very tender age that stays with you as a feeling to be recaptured or in those rare cases held onto.

In the fifth position: Love, relationships, creativity – such is the nature of your mind’s activity at the moment.  You are planning around your heart’s desire, for here are the types of thoughts we have when we are in love.

In the sixth position: Love – an important relationship, acceptance of creative inspiration, is intensifying, demanding greater definition and expression.  The external must be integrated into the heart.  That which is integrated must be externalized and shared.

In the seventh position: In the near future you may face the challenge of integrating a relationship, a new and unexpected passion, into your life game plan.

In the eighth position: Here love, the birth of duality in love, is doing its magic of pulling the self out of its shell by having it come to need another as much as it needs itself.  The self is growing to include this other in its idea of what it must be in order to continue its physical existence.  Marriage.

In the ninth position: When we say we are in love, this is the feeling we are trying to express.  This is the personal passion and pleasure felt in the depth of the heart.

In the tenth position: You should not have to ask anyone about this when it happens.  The phrase “love of your life” will come to pass your lips.  In odds position the suggestion is that it may come as quite a surprise as in “across a dark and crowded room” or “love at first sight.”

13 thoughts on “
The Lovers

  1. diana Post author

    My statements would only be my opinion. Pay close attention to your emotional responses as you read the meaning and your answers are there. Diana

  2. diana Post author

    My statements would only be my opinion. Pay close attention to your emotional responses as you read the meaning and your answers are there. Diana

  3. Angelia Simmons

    I did a love quest potentials and got the lovers as the situation three of cups the empress the page of cups the hermit I asked what my potential interest feelings for me are

  4. Angelia Simmons

    I did a love quest potentials tarot reading and got the lovers card in the position of the situation,got the empress as myself,three of cups in the position of the loved one,page of cups in the advice position,the hermit in challenges I can’t remember what the other two cards were my question was what my potential interest feelings were for me right now

  5. diana Post author

    It would be my opinion that this is telling you there is a possible heart interest, but it will require that you allow yourself the freedom to receive it. Hope that helps

  6. Laura Hosaluk

    I have a question,
    I have the fool on first position, 2 of cups in the third and the lovers in the tenth!

    Also ace of cups crosses the fool….
    8 of cups in 7th position

    Thank you kindly for your gift in these regards. I love the depth of your interpretations.

  7. Erika Joan

    Love your work with these cards and the questions! The Lover is my life card and oh what a wild ride!!!!! Thank you!

  8. Star

    Lori Rubio can you please tell me where the lovers card was in your Reading And what’s read you were using

  9. diana Post author

    Lori, I am not a psychic. Your cards can show and indication of an energy shift, but I do not know what cards you are looking at – so, I can not share any insights.

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