The Emperor (R)

The Emperor (R)

The Emperor (R) shares that the reflection of your conscious mind formulates the beliefs of your sub-conscious mind.  You structure your experiences by establishing organized patterns of thought through which you collect the beliefs which you think are reasonable and rational.  These beliefs form the “framework” in which your experiences are tested and “laws” are generated here.  There is a resistance to change, as you enclose yourself in a “reality” that has been created by the reflection of your intentions and focuses.  Your reasoning mind directs and focuses your feelings and imagination.

Remain strong – always seek a positive direction.  Plan and work each day – concentrate on your self-discipline.  Take the time to understand the motives of the people around you – focus your energy on “cleaning house” and removing the things you do not want in your home.  “Benevolence and compassion” result in the development of new life, even in a stormy desert – but if taken too far – it can signifying immaturity or the inability to make harsh decisions and carry them through.  Distortions that materialize with too much or too little excess knowledge which can bring with it the abuse of power.  Your personal health lies in taking the middle path.

Questions to Answer:

  1. Where do your ambitions lie?
  2. What are you organizing, building, doing?
  3. What kind of Emperor are you – energetic and imaginative or rigid and unreceptive?
  4. Who is establishing guidelines, parameters and structures in your life?
  5. Who has the power and authority and how is it being used?
  6. Do you find it hard to take “no” for an answer?
  7. Are you overly competitive, pushing your body beyond normal limits – to the point of burn – out?

Special Messages based on card position:

In the first position: You have learned many of these lessons of leadership in past lives and much of what you do here is to assist others with these same lessons.  In effect you may be teaching leadership.

In the second position: Check your resources as a general would check his men – their physical condition (health and equipment), their emotional well-being (sex life) and their state of mind (loyalty).

In the third position: Look to the leadership of someone obviously capable to help you with your responsibilities.  Your goals can best be met by teaming up with another person or group, perhaps more established and experienced than you/yours.

In the fourth position: You may have more than enough ambition for you, your mate and your entire family.

In the fifth position: You may be conjuring up more than the situation needs – loosen up some and do not assume more responsibility than necessary.

In the sixth position: The person or influence of the Emperor may be asserted over you, testing your true strength and the depth of your motivations.

In the seventh position: At one extreme, you may be tempted to accept a position simply for status.  At another extreme, the Emperor puts in an appearance as someone you are tempted to follow or emulate.  Think twice, maybe three times.

In the eighth position: You may be overstepping your bounds for this situation or you are not stepping in where you should.

In the ninth position: At one extreme, your heart is not only opening up to this archetype – it is over enthusiastic to a fault.  At the other extreme, the heart is closing on the idea of responsibility and power – too much so for good balance.

In the tenth position: Even though this opportunity is correct for your karmic path, you may be more influenced by a sense of duty because it seems so right for so many others, for so many reasons, that you cannot say no to it.

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