Justice (R)

Justice (R)

Justice (R) says that when you are unwilling to seek out the meaning of the events taking place in your life – you are being dishonest with yourself and others and missing the opportunity to develop a greater understanding of yourself and your life.  Do not allow this unfairness to act as an “excuse” for denying your own responsibility for what happens to you.  Accept that you may experience injustice, harsh or unfair judgment by others and that these experiences can result in possible loss.  Accept that at these times you will feel inadequate and unable to change the situation.  No matter what is right or true – you cannot change what people do.  If someone has taken advantage of you – you can not change things.  Once you have done everything possible – stop worrying – direct all your energies elsewhere.  Accept a bad situation and go your way, for it is through the process of elimination that you find out what it is you really want.  You will find that the “things” you eliminate were never really necessary – fact is, they were the very obstacles standing in the way of your happiness.  As you begin to see the difference between what you want and what you do not want in fine detail – you will begin to eliminate the obstacles.  You will learn that when they are in your way – you are not happy.  You need never worry about going “too far” to one side or the other side – your “inner” instruction will always bring you back to the right path again.  Emotional moderation, if taken too far – soon stifles the full expression of your feelings – you become rigid and overly structured – spending too much time in the mind evaluating everything and actually feeling nothing.

The ultimate question is – “What is it that you really want?” Continue to experiment until you find something that really suits you – something that makes you happy year in and year out.  Your “will” is what you take great delight in – direct your energy toward bringing yourself the greatest possible rewards and never accept second best.  Insist on being the best in all that you think and do and then you will be able to distinguish between what is of this world and what is not – what is transitory and what is everlasting – what is illusionary and what is real.

This can indicate improper use of knowledge or a “Do as I say, but not as I do” person.  A distortion of idealism into the unrealistic, dogmatic, uncompromising and the overly critical.  At one extreme, permissiveness – at the other, intolerance.  On the principle of balance, at one extreme too much balance yields mental rigidity/inertia.  At the other extreme is not enough balance or imbalance and we can see prejudice, bias and favoritism.

Questions to Answer:

  1. What decisions are you weighing?
  2. What are the pros and cons?
  3. What consequences are you experiencing as the result of some previous action?
  4. What is the appropriate compensation or “energy exchange” needed to balance this situation?
  5. What do you need to do to be true to yourself?
  6. What is unbalancing you?
  7. What can help create a new balance?

Special Messages based on card position:

In the first position: The balancing, the reconciliation you must bring about may be on a world scale – it is certainly large.  May the forces be with you as you complete your task, Mr.  Ambassador.

In the second position: Your resources, while they may add up on paper, may not be reliable when you need them.  You have even distorted them to yourself so that you probably don’t know where you really stand.

In the third position: You must be more opinionated, self – directed, and expressive.  Others need you to be centered and assertive and cannot wait as long as you think you can.

In the fourth position: At one extreme is the nirvana ideal that sounds good but proves to be a nightmare disguised as heaven.  At the other extreme is a distorted preference for inequality, for favoritism and advantage – the card player who prefers a stacked deck to the challenge of having to play against equal odds and winning by sheer ability.

In the fifth position: At one extreme, the opening can be too great and should be tempered.  At the other extreme, there is closure, poor communications, cloudiness and indecisiveness.  Very little is being resolved, certainly no major dualities.

In the sixth position: Adverse legal decisions in the Emotional/Creative Plane.  The leveling hand may prove to be a bit heavy.  Your heart is not up to code in matters of ethics – there may be a subconscious distortion of the truth.

In the seventh position: Temptation may be to neglect or distort the truth.

In the eighth position: Time for resolution of differences in the Physical Plane.  At an extreme, a time of war.  At another extreme is the more difficult problem to see, that of too much justice, too much control, too much leveling out.  Legal decision unfavorable – stop, take a breath and get back on track.

In the ninth position: The heart’s conclusions may be so correct as to be painful or to bring about a great reaction/change.  Justice is prevailing but at a painful cost to this heart.  At another extreme, there is distortion here with much inaccurate noise clouding the facts of the situation.  Injustice is the hour of the day.

In the tenth position: All this good feeling and it is so that you can share it with and use it for others.

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Justice (R)

  1. Diogenes


    Suicide is never the answer. If you believe in nothing else, believe that things will be better. The Wheel of Fortune is always turning, child. Karmic Law will be in your favor. Be at peace and wait.

  2. diana Post author

    Ana, way to much focus on your failures … that energy is much like a self full-filling prophecy. What you are thinking about is in the past – leave it there! TODAY, THIS MINUTE is all you need concern yourself with. Who have you helped today? What have to done to “make a difference” today? Spiritual growth comes when you take your focus off your “self” and begin to see what you can do to help those around you. Remember, it only takes a moment to make a moment. It’s time you start making some moments. Diana

  3. Ana

    This card always implies blaming other? I don’t know what to do anymore. I stopped a while ago to appoint fingers towards others and take my responsabilities about what’s been wrong in my life, but this card start to coming in personal positions (as self and current situation). My whole life is a failure (no graduation, no job, no lover, no parents or reliable family member), I have nothing, and no matter how I try… And no, there’s nothing ilegal our linked to justice system on my life. I’m contemplating suicide. This card sounds me the push I need to do it, cause I don’t know what to do anymore, I don’t want hurt, blame or be a burden to anybody else making the same mistakes again and again.

  4. Dean

    Thank you for all that you have written on this site. The depth of the words and the wisdom in the interpretations have helped me along through some difficult times. I wanted you to know i am very appreciative for what you have created at crystal reflections. Thank you

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