The Devil (R)

Devil (R)

The Devil (R) shares that it is time for you to break loose from this misery and bondage.  You no longer need to accept your situation – move toward liberation and you will emerge happier, with a more developed personality.  The change has occurred – only the “feelings” of sadness, anger or depression remain to influence you.  Deal with your past, use the knowledge and energy bound up in your experiences – transform them and releasing the energy contained within them.  Free yourself from your past habits – your ignorance and indecision is a weakness and it is causing this instability – recognize this influence and take the necessary action against it.

Deal with your problems and avoid emotional outbreaks.  Being timid will only emphasize your weakness – it is time for you to take the bull by the horns and do your own thing.  The power that seems to be limiting you – is the power that will liberate you.  Listen to your “inner” voice, go inside – sift out the truth from the illusion and enlighten your mind.  Your emotional overindulgence has resulted in exhaustion and boredom.  You have gone overboard and you need to find your balance now – start living and stop denying yourself life experiences.  If you want to swim again – you must first get in the water and get wet.

This is the paradox of the practical side of what we call evil.  It is the denial, the lack of recognition and acceptance that gives it its power, its very existence.  Only when you cut off an integral part of yourself do you create your Dr.  Jekyll and Mr.  Hyde.  Be cautious of what you deny.  Only what you push into the dark can grow unnoticed, reappearing later in disguised form to terrorize you.  This can be in the form of immoral or illegal acts by others directed at you or by you at others.  When the mind hangs onto its separateness, refusing the opening of the third eye, the lifting of the veil, the resolution of dualities, then balance is impossible.  Evil occurs only when too much attention has been paid to one half of a duality pair without enough attention to the other.

Questions to Answer:

  1. What are the current boundaries and limitations in your life?
  2. What or who is obsessing you?
  3. How can you channel and structure your energies and desires in creative non – manipulative ways?
  4. What situation(s) do you need to look at with humor?

Special Messages based on card position:

In the first position: You will be called upon often to be the devil’s advocate, to champion the underdog, to side with the uncomfortable viewpoint, to help keep the cutting edge of society sharp.

In the second position: At one extreme, you may have sewn too many oats in too many fields.  You are experienced, but can it be marshalled into what you need now? In some cases, penance will be necessary to fix the cracks in your foundation before going on.

In the third position: At one extreme, the erratic beliefs of a schizoid – ish personality.  Another is straightforward amorality.  Here too is the mind that has brought into the false extreme – of an ultimate evil up against an ultimate good – a mind that has a penchant for liking only one half of a duality pair.  This is a mind that literally cannot get it together.

In the fourth position: At one extreme, the love of adventure here crosses into danger.  Another, is the detached passion for the unknown simply for the sake of the unknown.  Also, the desire to stir the pot for the sheer unpredictability of the results, to make trouble.  Another possibility here is incest or abuse.

In the fifth position: You may be under the influence of viewpoints which are not favorable to your karmic purpose.  This may be considered to be your lower self and the noise of elementals or it may be improper guides eliciting your energy and talents for their group purposes rather than for your own.

In the sixth position: Pay close attention, more may turn out to be less in this case.

In the seventh position: The big mistake that is made here is the attempt to stay on the other side beyond the veil, avoiding the very purpose of your incarnation, to find and bring this very awareness into your everyday reality, to see that the outer courtyards become as beautiful as the inner.

In the eighth position: Here you might be possessed of your possessions.  The cart may be pulling the horse, as materiality pulls the human around by the nose.

In the ninth position: At one extreme, you are being too adventurous, moving into unchartered waters best left alone.  At the other extreme, you may be too inflexible, limiting much of what is intended for you.

In the tenth position: Don’t try anything that requires great balance, not until you quit using only half of your brain.

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The Devil (R)

  1. diana Post author

    Thank you for your kind statements – they mean a lot and bring me great joy hearing them – makes all the work worthwhile. I am not active on any other sites. Diana

  2. Holly p

    Find myself coming to your comment section often because you give great advice. Are you active on any other platform than this website? Obviously totally fine if not, just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. (Thank you for your time and your magic)

  3. diana Post author

    Maria, the purpose of the cards is to teach you how to direct your own life without having to depend on others. As you read those three cards, write down the parts which evoke an emotional response at the time you are reading them and ignore the parts with no meaning to you. (It will always be different depending on your emotions, the time, etc. that you read) You will find that your answers will be much clearer and then just trust that your higher self will always guide you to that which is for your highest good. Diana

  4. MARIA

    Hi. So I’m new to tarot. I just did my first spread. I chose to do a 3 card fountain spread. I got the Ace of Cups upright in the 1st position, the Knight of Wands reversed in the 2nd position, & the Devil reversed in the 3rd. I think I know what I’m being told however I would like to ask for some insight from others as confirmation. As far as I see & what I’m going through right now it’s on point. Thanks

  5. diana Post author

    Consider it is much the same as the old saying “If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.”

  6. Lance

    What does this mean ?
    In the sixth position: Pay close attention, more may turn out to be less in this case.
    We don’t understand more may turn out to be less.

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