Five of Wands (R)

Five of Wands (R)

Five of Wands (R) tells you to deal with your frustrations – these feelings of being restricted, contained or held back.  When you are confronted by differing ideas – it creates confusion over what you are doing – your battle then lacks organization and unity.  You need the cooperation of others if balance is to be achieved.  See if the problem is your own conflicting beliefs.  Adjust and reassess this situation – seek cooperation and move towards the creative endeavors that will allow you to express yourself fully.  Maintain your balance – concentrate on finding a concept that will bridge varying beliefs and allow you to co – exist with others which will create new vibrations of peace and love.  You will feel the sense of harmony which will create exciting new opportunities.  Prepare your mind now – allow yourself to enjoy the generosity and attention you receive from others.  Awaken to your self – awareness and release your confined spirit.

The mind is a strong influence and here its negative effects include – attachment to old forms and the temptation to over rationalize the issues.  Non-conformity to your correct spiritual group/guides – the reluctant student.  Difficulty with challenges of the path.

Questions to Answer:

  1. How and with whom are you competing?
  2. What obstacles are you confronting?
  3. How do you present your ideas to others?
  4. With whom are you quarreling or arguing? And over what?
  5. What are you so excited about?
  6. What games are you playing?

Special Messages:

  • Next to Hermit: Only you can achieve what must be done – do not rely on others now.
  • Sun and Star to the left and right, or above and below: This lesson will give you a deeper understanding of prosperity.
  • Next to Devil: Do not worry about making amends – no one cares.

Special Messages based on card position:

In the first position: You may find yourself part of a group of individuals, all doing the same as you, somewhat like a rogue batch of monks traveling the Himalayan passes together.

In the second position: You may try to rely too much on your ability to charm simply because you are so good at it and it generally works.

In the third position: Your position going in may lose, but you can come out the winner anyway, by what you learn, by the terms negotiated in the peace treaty.

In the fourth position: Passion here can be for the struggle, not for the path itself and you can come to enjoy the combat too much for your or anyone else’s good.  In another look at this distortion, here can be a form of avoidance at getting on with the responsibilities that come with the maturity of choice.  Once we choose one thing, we have not chosen all those other alternatives and must leave them behind, devoting our energies to the one rather than the many.

In the fifth position: On one extreme, you are not a willing participant in this round of wand beating.  On another, you are looking for an opportunity to test your ideas, at this point to no avail.  No contest.

In the sixth position: This may be a forced break that you are left with, rather than one chosen.  One or more of your key spiritual playmates has taken a short respite for some reason or other.

In the seventh position: You may fear whether you can be good enough as your mind comes down on the side that sees how difficult a challenge true comprehension and authentic expression can be.  But rest assured, there is another side where these will come to you with ease.  Let the pendulum of your mind complete its swing through the difficult side.

In the eighth position: On one extreme, this is not stalled, but finished and you should turn your attention elsewhere rather than pouring more resources into what now belongs to the past.  The other extreme shows your project moving but with much resistance and/or competition.

In the ninth position: Even without a spiritual resolution this is serious business and the heart should not be too light.  Being too serious too soon would be an error in the opposite extreme.

In the tenth position: A spiritual house cleaning to clear away loose ends, clean out the cobwebs, to order your notes, put old and tired theories to rest once and for all.  You can no longer carry the extra luggage of outworn clothes just to make yourself feel like you have a great wardrobe.

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