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  1. Melissa

    Could you please tell me what these three cards together mean. Knight of cups, seven of winds and emperor. I also keep getting the King of Penticles sometimes twice in a day.

  2. diana Post author

    Brandon, the art of divination has been around since the age of Socrates – it represents the knowledge of that which is greater than I. No one card, no one interpretation is the same for any one person – that is why it is so powerful. My suggestion for you would be to trust in Spirit to guide you on this journey – you will be provided all the information you need from many sources.

  3. diana Post author

    When there are 3 or more majors in a reading, it normally suggests that you are getting a great deal of assistance in moving yourself forward along your path. Kings/Queens/Page/Knight would suggest your own energy levels in these specific areas. Reversed cards are simply “lessor than”. Hope this helps – trust in your own interpretation – hold on to that which you feel strongly about and release everything else for it doesn’t really matter.

  4. Brandon Roberts

    also what do you think about the emperor in the tenth position, i have justice card one 2. queen of wands (reversed) 3. king of swords . 4. page of cups 5. three of cups 6. high priestess 7. king of wands 8. queen of pentacles 9. knight of cups . 10 emperor. only one reversal. if you can help me with this i would be greatful. thank you for all your hard work and dedication.

  5. Brandon Roberts

    thank you. i love this site. ive been using it for about two years now and the facts are compelling. thank you for this art. i would love to swap ideas for im starting a revolution for this art. thanks

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