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This News Flash Just In!

NASHVILLE, TN, May-June, 1998 - Cedar Hill Records, a national gospel record label, announced today that they will release a song by country gospel recording artists, Buddy Merrick & Praise, in early February.

Promotion pieces and compact discs containing the song will be mailed to 1,200 radio stations across the country.


The song, entitled "Jesus Is...In Every Book of the Bible" was written by the group's lead singer, Buddy Merrick, an ordained minister, and included in the group's Nashville-produced album, "Gospel Country."  

The narrative in the country gospel song describes the characters of Jesus as defined in each Book of the Holy Scripture, from Genesis to the Revelation. 

It was originally released by Homeland Records without publicity or promotion in 1996 and still rose to a surprising #82 on the national charts.

"This time, we have an excellent shot at a top 40 song, we really do," said Merrick. "We have the influence of a major record label in Cedar Hill Records and the promotion of The Eddie Crook Company, probably the most well-known name in gospel music in Nashville. Eddie is not only the 1997 Singing News Producer of the Year, but he was the producer of our latest album, "Livin' On The Edge," and a great friend.

"We're asking everyone to call their favorite gospel radio station and ask them to play "Jesus Is..," said David Griffin, 20, who sings tenor and lead. "We're pretty excited," he added.

Buddy Merrick & Praise includes Buddy and Carol Merrick and their adopted grandson, David. Their albums, CD's and videos are distributed to bookstores nationwide by New Day Christian Distributors, Inc., and they are represented for bookings by The Love Shine Agency at (717) 734-3335 or you may contact Love Shine via email.

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