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Diana 2014

Hi, Diana Rogers here - owner/operator of Crystal Clear Reflections

Voice Over Services
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Her Bio

She is normally referred to as "Rogers". Rogers is new to the world of voice over, but her life’s work has been dedicated to mastering the ability to provide exactly what a person needs - paying attention to every detail and delivering product on time and under budget.  Her early years were filled with acting and comedy, until “life” took over – while the stage disappeared - acting and comedy simply took on new forms.  Rogers is retired and supplements her income with her business. Having the convenience of a home studio, you can Email her the script, the file format you require and she will return a 15 sec audio for your review. If you approve, we will set the fee - note: 50% must be paid up-front. Once the project is completed - she would greatly appreciate an honest review or reference of her service.

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Her Home Studio

She operates from her home in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She has a professional home studio in her office, using the MLX990 Condenser Microphone - large diaphram w/shock mount, Aokeo Pop Filter, Mic Foam Cover and is surrounded by a Microphone Isolation Shield), Aokeo 48 volt Phantom Power, Lexicon Alpha Sound Mixer and I use Audacity as my Sound Software.

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Animation with Voice Over Samples
The following animations are simply a fun way to show some of my Voice Over Samples. The animals in the animations are from my photography collection, which have been cleaned up in Photoshop and animated in CrazyTalk Animation Pro.
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Xmas Reindeer (13 sec)

Ellie Mae (21 sec)

Dolphin 109 (12 sec)
Dolphin 115 (14 sec)
Weekly Tarot Messages
2019 September 01 - A Message from the Ace of Cups (19 sec)

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Diana Rogers

8204 South Indiana Avenue, OKC, OK 73159

405-681-7725 (landline), 405-684-7175 (mobile)

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