6 thoughts on “Celtic Reading Sample

  1. diana Post author

    Vicky, only you can decide what is “your” truth. Spirit will guide you – you need only ask for guidance and it will be provided. Just be willing to listen and trust your inner guidance. Diana

  2. Vicky

    I am trying to believe that this stuff is true to heart. If you can, through my energy tell me what’s happening in my life now. I will believe

  3. Michelle

    Hi do you offer. Readings ? I don’t see anything about that on the site .Your descriptions of the card meanings blow me away everytime I pick a card it’s so on point .Thank you so much

  4. diana Post author

    The cards indicate that there is some strong energy in your past that you are tying yourself up with, rather than releasing it and moving forward. You have the assistance of 4 majors, the potential for material growth and new relationships. Consider placing your focus on your future possibilities and allow the 4 majors to work their miracles. Diana

  5. mia roberts

    I have a big problem in my past with my father . I cant reach out to him and i just have questions on it and will it reflected on ny future .

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