Crystal Clear Reflections

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May you Experience an Abundance of ...

Joy, Happiness, Harmony, Love, Energy, Peace, Healing

Today I take a Leap of Faith - I expect the best from any situation that occurs!

I expect it and I receive it!

The supply of the Universe is infinite, unlimited and available to me just for the asking ...

Anything I can conceive, the Universe is able to provide!

Today I take a leap of Faith

I expect the best from any situation that occurs!

Today I expect something good to happen!

Today I "Let Go and Let God"

I will trust in the flow of life and the goodness of Spirit!

I refuse to accept anything but the best for my life ...

I ask for it, I claim it and I give thanks for it!

Only Spirit can create perfectly and Spirit created Me!

My Best is good enough, even on a bad day!

The Light of God gently and lovingly, heals the conflict within me ...

God is taking care of my day today - so, I plan to sit back and relax!

Love and Joy are inherent in Spirit - they are the very essence of Spirit - Permeate my Life

Today I promise to Laugh p Today I will enjoy the Special Moments that Spirit Provides!

I believe that "spirit" leads me every step of the way and knows the next step!

Love, Happiness, Peace, Joy and Health are gifts of the Spirit - I give thanks daily for these bountiful blessings!
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