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Are you looking to spruce up your facebook pages? Let me help you create something uniquely yours.

Email Me - Let me know what you are wanting and I will give you a Price Quote. If you would just like two images sized properly - see below.

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Do you want to do your own photos for your facebook page? It is not as hard as it looks.

1. You will need to make your first image 180 x 180 pixels - this will be the image that goes in the "photo box" on your facebook page.

2. Your second image will be used for the background and it needs to be 851 px wide and 315 px high. When you select your image, you need to take into consideration that the bottom 64 pixels will have data overlaying it (the title, the Like Box, the Follow Box and the Message Box) and the left side will have your photo image overlaying it - see the example below for what to look for.

3. Once you have your images prepared, you need to log into your Facebook Profile page and upload each image.

4. If you need help getting your images the correct sizes, I would be happy to size them for you for $5.00 (you can pay below using PayPal), then email me the two photos (please name the images "photo" and "cover" so I will know the correct size for each or let me know in the PayPal comment box which image is which.) The images must be larger than the above measurements, high quality if possible.

Facebook How To Sample

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