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What exactly is a "Discovery Journal"?  It is a creative way to "focus" your mind and centralize your efforts on the things you want to bring into your reality.  As you read and add to your discovery journal, you are continually "re-enforcing" your thoughts...focusing your mind on your needs, your  dreams, your desires, your wishes and the direction you wish to move forward in. 

Each day, your mind is cluttered with all the events of that day - yet, when you open your Discovery Journal and begin working on it, your mind is gently brought back to the reality you wish to experience and the days confusion is replaced with your true goals.

A Discovery Journal is a way to keep your mind and emotions focused - centered on your goals.

Here is a sample of things that you can create in your Journal....

Today, I take a leap of faith
- I expect the best from any situation that occurs!


My spirit blossoms and grows more beautiful with each moment.  Each thought, each touch, each experience, each lesson - I give thanks for...


Love, happiness, joy, peace and health are gifts of the spirit - I give thanks daily for these bountiful blessings.


I give thanks for the abundant source of LOVE that surrounds my family, my work, my home and my life!
My authentic life is unfolding naturally and with grace!


I give thanks to all the wonderful angels that constantly protect and watch over my family and I!


I am consciously aware of and give thanks for the beauty that is all around me - even in the smallest of things!


Spirit holds the world in it's hand, protecting and nurturing all life.   We need only ask and Spirit responds.
Today I expect something good to happen!
Prosperity and abundance is my spiritual birthright.  I reaffirm this daily, I accept it, I joyfully receive it and I give thanks for the blessings it provides n all areas of my life - my work, my home, my family and my relationships - all flourish.

Puffed Heart

Today and every day I will re-affirm this Discovery Journal...every word is from my heart!  I give thanks for the manifestations, for my mom, for my life and for the work that spirit does through me - even when I am unaware of it!


You want a camera - find a picture of the camera that you would like - insert the picture and then record the information on the camera here...
Abundance is my spiritual birthright, I accept it and give thanks for the blessings it provides!


You want a new TV - find a picture of the TV that you would like - insert the picture and then record the information about the TV here.


Your vacuum is out dated and you want another one.  Find a picture of the one you want and insert it.  Describe it here.


You want to take a trip - find a map of where you want to go and insert it.  Then, describe the trip - how you want it to turn out, what you want to experience here.
I believe that "Spirit" leads me every step of the way, and knows the next step!

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