Crystal Clear Reflections
Count Your Blessings

When life throws you a curve ball...

when you find yourself battling just to make ends meet...

Do you recognize the daily blessings through the clouds in your mind?

When a door is you look for the open window?

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The Crystal Clear Reflections Team knows how hard life can be...we know how hard it is to see the blessings in what are sometimes "presumed" to be negative situations.  We would like to share with you (hopefully in a humorous way) some "blessings" that may be hidden from you in those moments you consider "not so pleasant".  Perhaps the moment of humor will take your mind off your problem and if we can entertain you long enough...your focus might just return to finding the "solution" which will eventually get your back on the right track!

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Blessing #1
We are blessed with the strength to hang on no matter how turbulant the storm....

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Blessing #2
We are blessed with the ability to see our true worth

... no matter how tangled our measuring device has become!

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Blessing #3
When we allow ourselves to experience the joy in a particular "task"

... whether it be cleaning our home or the cobwebs from our mind ...

... we are then allowed to experience the joy felt in the successful completion of that task ...

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Blessing #4
We are blessed with the ability to repair any situation

... no matter how desperate it may appear

... we need only focus our minds on receiving a solution which benefits all concerned

... then allow ourselves a moment of faith - in the belief that we will receive an answer.

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Blessing #5
Perhaps if we allow ourselves to see our "life" as an adventure ...

We would come to know the blessings of every successful step ...

and we would come to realize ...

that overcoming challenges provides the greatest joy and blessings of all.

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Blessing #6
We are truly blessed when we come to recognize that it is not the "gift" that is the blessing...but the thought, love, kindness, joy and happiness which lies behind the gift!

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Blessing #7
It is hard to see the blessings associated with "taxes"...

but we are sure there are some ...

we just don't know what they are at this moment ...

if you happen to know one ... could you please share it with us!

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Blessing #8
Our life is a very fragile balance of decisions ... each affecting someone or something ...

When we make our decisions based on love ... we always experience the ultimate blessing!

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Blessing #9
History is one of the greatest blessings of all ... especially when we choose to learn from it!

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Blessing #10
The tracks are your destinations in life ... the train is your life ...

you are the engineer - what's your next move - consider it carefully?

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Blessing #11
If I show you the real me ... would you still like what you see?

Perhaps I will take my first step today - to free the spirit within ...

and trust in the blessing that will result ...

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Blessing #12
Yes, I talk to my plants ... I even sing to them and I praise them ...

and they bless me daily with their beauty and aroma!

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Blessing #13
Today, when I hear music ... I will allow myself to "feel" as it lifts my spirit ...

I will allow myself to flow with the feeling and recognize it as a blessing ... a simple moment of joy!

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Blessing #14
Today, perhaps I will consider taking the same loving care to mend my life ...

that I take mending this tiny broken toy!

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Blessing #15
Now this is a true blessing!

Savor the smell, delight in the taste and allow yourself to experience every inch of this blessing!
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Blessing #16
Is there a message here?  Have you been working too hard and not taking care of yourself?  Does your body need rest?   Perhaps there is a blessing hidden in this experience?  The next time you are "under the weather" - why not consider allowing yourself to wallow in the healing effects of taking care of yourself.  Pamper yourself ... sleep, rest in bed, watch a movie ... put as much effort into healing yourself as you would taking care of a sick friend!   

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