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Diana 2014

Hi, My name is Diana Rogers and I am the proud owner of Crystal Clear Reflections which is my registered business name, operated from my home in Texas. I created Crystal Clear Reflections in 1983 for the purpose of providing a source of entertainment, information and products that would stimulate the imagination, satisfy a persons curiosity and enhance the elements of creativity. I also offer my services as a Graphic Specialist, Patent Illustrator, Photographer.


I am a Scorpio with two grown daughters. I am currently blessed with 7 wonderful grandchildren and 7 great grandkids.  I absolutely "love" being a young grandmother!  I have a sister who is now retired, but was an absolutely awesome grade school teacher. My mother (my best friend) passed away March 31, 2016 - I miss her dearly.

Metaphysics has been my passion for 38 years. I spent 13 years studying and compiling my TAROT divinations. If you like, visit my Tarot site at Wishing you a truly blessed day - Diana

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