We at Crystal Clear Reflections have prepared several Sets of Art Illustrations in the .DAS file format for use with Whiteboard Software. We are currently offering three different sets - Dolphins, People, and Objects. We will continue to add new sets as time permits. Click on "Drawing Sample" to see a sample of how the illustration will draw.

Samples of the 24 Illustrations in Set One - Dolphins

Dolphin 01 Dolphin 02 Dolphin 03 Dolphin 04
Dolphin 05 Dolphin 06 Dolphin 07 Dolphin 08
Dolphin 09 Dolphin 10 Dolphin 11 Dolphin 12
Dolphin 13 Dolphin 14 Dolphin 15 Dolphin 16
Dolphin 17 Dolphin 18 Dolphin 19 Dolphin 20
Dolphin 21 Dolphin 22 Dolphin 23 Dolphin 24

Samples of the 14 illustrations in Set Two - People

baby boy shopping baby boy waving baby girl sports baby walking with bottle
father and daughter rollerskating Girl Hitting Softball Girl Sitting on the Ground little boy running away
Bride Cowboy Face Carefree Golfer Woman Reading a Book
Priest Praying Man Rowing a Boat

Samples of the 20 Illustrations in Set 03 - Objects

Object_01 Object_02 Object_03 Object_04
Object_05 Object_06 Object_07 Object_08
Object_09 Object_10 Object_11 Object_12
Object_13 Object_14 Object_15 Object_16
Object_17 Object_18 Object_19 Object_20

Set 01
24 Dolphin Illustrations
Set 02
14 People Illustrations
Set 03
20 Object Illustrations
$8.40 US $7.00 US $5.40 US


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